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Spring is here, friends! *hallelujah* 

If you're anything like me, the warmer weather inspires massive de-cluttering projects and purging of all the junk I hold onto over the winter. When the light pours into my room in the morning, I think, "okay, let's do this" and tackle something I've been avoiding. 

For all y'all biz bosses out there, this spring cleaning feeling probably overlaps into your work life as well. There is no better feeling than checking something that scares you off of your to do list. It could be that you're finally deciding to go through old receipts and categorize them. You could update your portfolio with new work or reorganize your packaging materials for the coming busy season. For some, it's just literal spring cleaning of your desk (let's be real, it can get out of control for even the most Type A of creativepreneurs). 

What I DO know for sure is that a lot of people avoid SEO because it seems overwhelming. Some will even outsource it altogether in order to not have to think about it. 

While I'm all for outsourcing, this is totally NOT necessary. Search Engine Optimization is not as scary and time-consuming as it seems, which makes it the perfect thing to get on top of this spring.

SEO is a fluid, ongoing process. With the right skills + knowledge, you can make search engines your bee-yotch. Here's how we're going to make this happen:

I'm going to teach you how to tackle SEO yourself for your small business or blog. And I'm doing it all FO' FREE. 


I'm releasing a totally free, 100% SEO email course to help you get all of your shiz together with SEO. It's 5 days of actionable, detailed info that will demystify SEO and make sure you're being found online by the people you really want to access.



Up your search engine game with my free email course: SEO Spring Cleaning. Create a targeted strategy for your creative business or blog.

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Enjoy, Odds Squad!

xo, Caileigh