Why You Should Join a Mastermind Group


Working for yourself can make for some long and lonely days. It's super isolating to have to be the sole brain and life force behind your business, yet rewarding at the same time. You make decisions by yourself all day long, with nobody around to free you from that tunnel vision. 

If you're sick of going at it alone, this is where mastermind groups come in.

Here's the truth: wanting to lean on others and not be a lone wolf in everything you do with your business is not a bad thing!

What is this "mastermind" you speak of?

A mastermind group is a collection of people who work together to bounce ideas off of each other and help each other reach a particular goal. They typically contain people who are at around the same point/tier of their businesses

Mastermind groups allow you to brainstorm new ideas, share your successes and your failures, and reach out to other people for help. They can also be a great way to connect with people you might want to refer work to in the future (and vice versa). 

Types of Mastermind Groups

  1. Small-Scale Elite Groups: Usually a group of 5-10 business owners at similar points in their businesses. These group can either be super formal and structured or very casual and "on-the-fly".

  2. Monthly Meetups: I would definitely consider these to be a category of "mastermind groups" if you generally have the same people show up to these in-person meetings. These are not only great for getting out of your work-from-home hole, but also for learning about new business ideas and strategies.

  3. Facebook Masterminds: Typically larger than your average mastermind group. Great first step in networking and collaborating with like-minded biz owners. Great for exposure and brand recognition as well!

  4. Paid Masterminds: These are usually accepted after an application process. A small, tight-knit group connected via networking or included in a paid course.

Make a Mastermind Group Work for You

  • Find a group that will identify with where you are at in your life and career. If you are a Mompreneur, consider joining groups with women that are in similar places. If you are under 25, potentially look for a group with a younger demographic. And so on and so forth...

  • Start a Mastermind group yourself! Ask some of your BIZ BFFS that you respect and admire to join in and create a method for your communication (Facebook, monthly Skype dates, etc.)

  • Try to find one group that meets face to face (Skype counts). This will pull you out of hiding behind a screen and will allow you to connect with people on a much deeper level.

  • Share openly. "A rising tide lifts all boats", they say. Bring your knowledge to the table and others will be just as willing to help you when you need it.

  • Admit your struggles and weaknesses. Nobody expects you to be perfect. Allow yourself to lean on others where you need to.

  • Don't take criticism personally. Masterminds are a great opportunity to have an outside look at your business. Don't get too emotionally attached to your ideas (so hard, I know) and be open to outside opinions.

Some Free Mastermind Groups for Creative Entrepreneurs

Rising Tide Society

Mission: "We believe in educating and empowering Creatives Entrepreneurs to thrive in the spirit of Community over Competition."
Hosts: The Rising Tide Society (Natalie Franke and Krista Jones)
Benefits: Massive community, daily prompts, weekly promo opportunities, and opportunity to connect with local groups for in-person meetups.

Savvy Business Owners

Mission: "For savvy female entrepreneurs that believe in these core values: Dream Big, Communicate Openly, Love Community, Have Fun, Share Your Smarts, Work as a Team, Show Gratitude, Focus on What Matters, Take Risks, Do It With Heart"
Host: Heather Crabtree
Benefits: lots of talk about resources for creatives, supportive girl-power energy, open forum
To Join: sign up for Heather's mailing list (you won't regret it!) 

Blog + Biz Bffs

Mission: "A place for bloggers and online entrepreneurs to lend support, give feedback, and share advice."
Host: Melyssa Griffin
Benefits: Weekly promo thread, discussion for B2B entrepreneurs and bloggers, open & friendly community.
To Join: visit www.thenectarcollective.com/signup

For Love + Money with Caitlin Bacher

Mission: "A place for online biz owners and bloggers to connect, learn, and grow."
Host: Caitlin Bacher
Benefits: Caitlin is an Instagram expert and posts great prompts for business discussions (list building, branding, & blogging). No promos allowed here, just epic discussion!
To Join: www.facebook.com/groups/Creative.Biz.Ladies

Are you a part of a mastermind group? Do you have a Biz BFF that keeps you in check? Share your experiences and recommendations in the comments below! xx 

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