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I love having the opportunity to work with one brand continually over a period of time. As they grow, design elements change to reflect each years strategy. This is exactly the case for Wavestage Theatre Company. I've been working with Wavestage for the past few years to create custom posters, programs, and other promotional materials for their theatre productions. But I wanted to bring it back to basics and show a bit of the design process for their branding and website. 

As with any branding project, we wanted their entire design to stand out against their competition. Most importantly, it had to scream high quality and professional to engage potential customers/audiences and build trust. We opted for a very media heavy and image oriented design. Unique production pages will have video sneak peeks of each show, images of the cast, and behind-the-scenes rehearsal photos. 

The website needed to be easily modified to promote each production throughout the season. It also needed to be user friendly on the backend, which is why we opted for using Squarespace after years of using Wordpress. Squarespace is super easy to use generally, but especially so for day-to-day small edits, which they needed to access for their private members page. 

If you do get a chance to take a peek through this site, let me know what your favourite part of it is in the comments! Or if you've ever been to a Wavestage show, let me know what drew you to the company! 


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