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Brand and Website Design for Odds + Ends Creative

I'm so excited to finally share a peek behind the branding for Odds + Ends! Launching this business has been a side project of mine for over a year, so I thought it'd be cool to walk you through the full branding and web design process. As a designer, it's hard to give yourself the same process as you would for clients. For Odds + Ends, I really tried to be as intentional and structured as I would be with a client. It was definitely a challenge, but in the end it turned out exactly as I had envisioned!

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Design Projects - Wavestage Theatre Company

I love having the opportunity to work with one brand continually over a period of time. As they grow, design elements change to reflect each years strategy. This is exactly the case for Wavestage Theatre Company. I've been working with Wavestage for the past few years to create custom posters, programs, and other promotional materials for their theatre productions. But I wanted to bring it back to basics and show a bit of the design process for their branding and website. 

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