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Smart Targeting: Defining Your Audience

Not much can guarantee failure more than a disorganized brand message and an undefined target market. Even the most terrible products that seemingly have no purpose can attract a niche customer. When a business has no target market in mind, it's very clear. There is no focus. It's awkward to experience. No demographic-specific language. Or worse... conflicting wording. Language that speaks to everyone usually attracts nobody.

Narrowing in on your desired reader, client, or customer requires a really good understanding of your brand. If you haven't solidified this, then you've got to reel it in, honey. 

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11 Must-Have Apps for Creative Entrepreneurs

The apps I use on my iPhone 6 keep me sane while working abroad or generally on the go. But let's be real... not every app works for every person. Curating a list of apps that work for your workflow is the key to smartphone productivity. Take this list as a rough collection of recommendations from a fellow creative entrepreneur! 

I'm omitting most of the mainstream social media apps in this post since we all are already familiar with the delightfulness that is Instagram (holla at me here)

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