11 Must-Have Apps for Creative Entrepreneurs


The apps I use on my iPhone 6 keep me sane while working abroad or generally on the go. But let's be real... not every app works for every person. Curating a list of apps that work for your workflow is the key to smartphone productivity. Take this list as a rough collection of recommendations from a fellow creative entrepreneur! 

I'm omitting most of the mainstream social media apps in this post since we all are already familiar with the delightfulness that is Instagram (holla at me here)

For social media scheduling, I use the Buffer app. The app itself is free, but Buffer is a paid social scheduling service (which I can't live without). I've tried using free scheduling services that only manage one social media type (ie. Tweetdeck for Twitter scheduling), but having everything laid out for all of my accounts makes things much more manageable. 

For Instagram scheduling, I use Latergramme. Before I started using this service, it used to be a huge pain to get images from my computer to my phone to post on Insta. With Latergramme, I upload images from my computer to the free account (allows for 30 uploads a month) at www.latergram.me and open that image on the app when I'm ready to post to Instagram. I don't like actually scheduling the images here, but I keep all of the uploaded, ready-to-go images in the "Unscheduled" folder. Instagram doesn't yet allow for complete third-party automation, but the image can be opened in Instagram from Latergramme and the caption prewritten and copied.

For keeping travel plans organized, I use TripCase. It's a free service that allows you to keep all of your bookings in one place, organized chronologically. I love it especially for keeping track of flight schedules. 

For task organization, Wunderlist is my fav. Totally free and perfect for straight forward organization. I like how I can put tasks under projects or just enter them on their own (without a parent project). 

For editing images taken on my phone, I use VSCO (free) and Afterlight ($1.19). Both are filter based and offer far more extensive editing capabilities than what's offered in the Instagram app. 

For live broadcasting, Periscope is my go to. It's basically a free mini webinar service. Broadcasters can live stream from their phone while audiences can respond via chat. It wins because of this two-way interaction between audience and broadcaster. Ps. you can follow me @cailkyle.

For note-taking spur of the moment ideas, Evernote is where it's at. Keep unique notebooks for all of your projects, and collect notes, images, and reminders within that notebook. Total life saver for spur of the moment ideas and inspiration.

For keeping your schedule organized, use Sunrise Calendar. It's unique because it automatically detects keywords in your events and associates them with different icons. Ie. if you have a Dentist appt, a tooth icon will be shown. I love how it includes the weather forecast next to your events. You can also get a matching desktop app for your Mac. 

For group task management, I use Asana. It's free, it's powerful, and it's really well designed. On my computer I use the Asana website to keep track of group projects and manage team conversations as it pertains to a certain task or project. Did I mention it's FREE?

To scan documents, I use Scanner Pro. It allows you to scan to pdf or jpg using your phones rear camera. Convenient for creating digital copies of print contracts signed in person. 

Here's a list of the other apps I keep on my phone to manage my business and sanity:

Google Analytics
Google Docs
Starbucks (obviously)
Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp... you get it. 

What are your favourite smartphone apps? Leave your recommendations in the comments!




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