Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Blog

A killer website is a big slice of the professional online presence pie. The problem with just having this website is that it's static. Without something to keep pulling people to your website, then it's really just acting as a digital business card. 

Blogging is engaging and continuous. It doubles the chance that a potential client/customer could visit your website, thus creating more leads. Readers don't necessary have to be seeking your business in order to come across a particular blog post, and that's huge! 

Here's why having a blog will grow your business, no matter the industry:

Blogging develops your reputation as an expert. 

Establishing your voice through blogging is something that takes time. If you share your work or write about your expertise, the more you are telling the world "Hey, I know what I'm doing!". For example, photographers blog the weddings that fit their brand best. So when a bride with a similar style visits that blog, they'll get the message that this is the person to go to. 

On the other end of the spectrum, blogging anything and everything can be harmful to your business. It's about quality > quantity here. If you have bad content, you won't develop a relationship with a reader that will lead to them returning to your website. On that note..

Content marketing through blogging can make waves.

The cardinal rule for blog success is to create valuable, interesting content. Do your market research and figure out what kind of blog posts are popular or attractive to your target market. Once you have this post, use proper SEO, and market the hell out of it on social media. 

For example, Casey Crafter wants to find DIY decoration inspiration for her daughter's first birthday party. Like most moms, she will likely search for ideas on Pinterest or Google. If she looks for "Girls Chic First Birthday Ideas" and your brilliantly optimized post about kate spade birthday party inspiration comes up... BOOM. Click. Done. You have a new reader. 

Blogging helps with Search Engine Optimization.

I cannot emphasize this enough. If you've tagged images properly and optimized a post for search engines, then you're far more likely to show up when being searched for.

Blog posts are specific. It's more likely that someone will search for a specific blog topic than it is that they'll search for your business name. The more people that visit your unique blog posts (that include tags to other sites and SEO for your desired "search terms") the higher your rank will be for your actual website. Simply put, the higher your PageRank, the more likely it is that your business will be found via a search engine. Social media sites may come and go, but a good blog post will draw in readers as long as that information is valuable.

Blogging can create deeper connections with customers/clients.

There is value in having a unique voice on the internet. Regardless of your industry, there are ways to attract and build relationships with your clients through blogging. Maybe you're a personal trainer and you blog a before-and-after success story. This would attract people that want a similar story for themselves. While people always have a logical drive for their choices, they are much more likely to commit to something they feel emotionally connected to. 

Do you blog for your business? Or is there something holding you back? Share your thoughts in the comments below!




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