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10 Killer Tips for Writing Effective Blog Posts

Every bloggers goal is to create content that people feel compelled to talk about or share. In order for any blog post to be categorized as 'share-worthy', it needs to be hella intentional. Just tossing out content into the world isn't enough. Clicking that publish button is definitely not enough. You have to think of each post like an opportunity to connect with valuable potential subscribers/clients/customers. Remember: a blog post is no good for an audience of one. 

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Overcome the Hype-Static Complex - Creative Psychology For Entrepreneurs

Do you find yourself going back and forth between being incredibly passionate about your work and not being inspired to even open your emails? You're not alone. Life as a creative entrepreneur can be an emotional rollercoaster. One day you're working with the client of your dreams and then next you feel like you're in a complete dry spell. One day you could be inspired to write a brilliant blog post, and the next you're thinking you could never be as successful as others in your field (hint: this is BS).

Read on to learn how to balance your peaks and valleys as a business owner.

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The Top Six Biggest Blogging Mistakes - Why they delegitimize your brand (+ how to avoid them!)

Want to be taken seriously as a beginner blogger?

First, you need to understand what a 'bounce rate' is, and why you should want that number to be teeny tiny.

If you have a low bounce rate, that means that your readers are both engaged by the page they are reading and are following through with continued browsing on your site. A high bounce rate would mean that more readers visited your website and promptly high-tailed it out of there. This could mean that your post just wasn't engaging enough, or it means that the reader experienced a 'moment of discomfort', either consciously or subconsciously. Long story short, you NEED to have a low bounce rate for those readers to turn into loyal followers or clients. 

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Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Blog

A killer website is a big slice of the professional online presence pie. The problem with just having this website is that it's static. Without something to keep pulling people to your website, then it's really just acting as a digital business card. 

Blogging is engaging and continuous. It doubles the chance that a potential client/customer could visit your website, thus creating more leads. Readers don't necessary have to be seeking your business in order to come across a particular blog post, and that's huge! 

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