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13 Things Nobody Tells You About Running Your Own Business

I've run businesses as a solopreneur since I was 15. It's always been my thing, although it took me until university to really figure out what direction I wanted to go in. From those early days to today, I've seen it all and dealt with a ton of common realities of working for yourself. Luckily, I grew up with a mum who was also an entrepreneur, so I somewhat knew what I was getting into. But for other people, you might not be aware or ever thought about these things. Solopreneurship is often romanticized as having incredible freedom and short work hours, and while in a way you're given a lot more control over your daily life, in others it's far more challenging than you can imagine.

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Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Blog

A killer website is a big slice of the professional online presence pie. The problem with just having this website is that it's static. Without something to keep pulling people to your website, then it's really just acting as a digital business card. 

Blogging is engaging and continuous. It doubles the chance that a potential client/customer could visit your website, thus creating more leads. Readers don't necessary have to be seeking your business in order to come across a particular blog post, and that's huge! 

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