4 Causes of Creative Burnout + How to Avoid Them

We small business owners are hard workers. It comes from being truly passionate about what we do, as well as that nagging thought that we need to prove ourselves.

The problem comes when creatives hustle too hard. When you stop working out and eating properly to meet deadlines. When you can’t fathom booking social outings until you finish a major project. Okay, that isn’t always the result of hard hustle, but it can happen to the best of us!

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13 Things Nobody Tells You About Running Your Own Business

I've run businesses as a solopreneur since I was 15. It's always been my thing, although it took me until university to really figure out what direction I wanted to go in. From those early days to today, I've seen it all and dealt with a ton of common realities of working for yourself. Luckily, I grew up with a mum who was also an entrepreneur, so I somewhat knew what I was getting into. But for other people, you might not be aware or ever thought about these things. Solopreneurship is often romanticized as having incredible freedom and short work hours, and while in a way you're given a lot more control over your daily life, in others it's far more challenging than you can imagine.

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10 Killer Tips for Writing Effective Blog Posts

Every bloggers goal is to create content that people feel compelled to talk about or share. In order for any blog post to be categorized as 'share-worthy', it needs to be hella intentional. Just tossing out content into the world isn't enough. Clicking that publish button is definitely not enough. You have to think of each post like an opportunity to connect with valuable potential subscribers/clients/customers. Remember: a blog post is no good for an audience of one. 

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